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Just wanted to take a moment to thank 2013… it was hard, fun, ridiculous, and everything inbetween.  I am grateful for the lessons learned.  Here’s to 2014 where I plan on being even more grateful for everything life has to offer.  I have a hard time with change and although, its just going from one day to the next; just like yesterday… there is a different feeling to starting a new year.  Maybe its just me, I maybe put too much pressure on the new year, but it has so much opportunity and hope attached to it.  “This will be my year!” kinda stuff.  I’m trying a slightly different approach this year… be grateful and be a doer.  Get business done & be grateful you can get business done!  I am scared of the new, but excited at the same time.  Really though, thank you 2013 — lots of lessons learned.  If not for those lessons, 2014 won’t be what it will be…
Now for my New Years Resolutions, every year I make them and every year I break most of them.  haha But it wouldn’t be a new year if I didn’t make my resolutions… (although, they are almost the same every year… I could just copy last years list.  haha!)  Here we go!

Slow down:   There are so many things I want to do that I get overwhelmed.  I get all caught up in the 10,000 things I’d like to accomplish right. now. and then I end up doing none of them.  I need to take it easy… everything doesn’t have to (and realistically cannot) be done right now.  I need to just take it one thing at a time and eventually all those things will get done.  The way I’m doing it now… nothing is getting done.  And there is no worse feeling than having a completely unproductive day.  Also, when I rush through stuff, I don’t get any enjoyment out of it.  Slowing down and really relishing the moment.

Money:  I am a thirty-something adult and I still do not know how to manage my money.  So my goal is to learn how to manage money.  Normally my goal is to save… but I think I need to learn how to manage and in managing I think saving just comes naturally.

Health:  Take better care of myself, clearly.  I have been doing a terrible job at this… I want to feel good about myself again, so I need to take better care.  Not only to look good on the outside but most importantly, feel great on the inside.  I may never be a size 2, but I can feel perfect just being me in whatever size I might be.  Yoga & running like I used to do, I know its possible to be healthy, I was there once… I can do it again.

Fear:  Let it go.  I suppose that is two in one.  I need to stop letting fear get the best of me and holding me (and others) back… and letting go of things.  I hold on to my fears so tightly, not to let them get away.  In doing so I am losing so many opportunities.  Fear is blocking the happiness from getting into my life.  Every time I have a fear enter my head, I need to tell it to go away, and eventually it will stop coming around.  This will be a hard one for me to tackle, but I’m going to work my hardest at this one.

Creativity:  I opened an Etsy store (Surprisingly Upbeat) in November and considering I don’t do any advertising… I think it gets seen more than I ever thought it would.  Which of course makes me think maybe it could become something, something small, something fun… but something!  I have so many ideas I would like to see come to fruition, so I need to slow down (resolution #1 and this one go hand in hand, really) and just do one idea a month or whatever.  I also have a few projects I wanted to get done for friends, which I need to make the time for.  I was given a new, amazing sewing machine for Christmas and I cant wait to use it!  So. Much. To. Do.  This is where I really need to stop, take a breath and slow down… or nothing will get done and my creativity meter will be stuck at low forever.

S l ow  D o w n…

These are tough ones, but good ones.  I feel good about this years list.  Normally its like 50 things long, which is just setting myself up for failure.  A simple list of things, its perfect.

Cheers to 2013 and Welcome 2014!


*image taken from Sometimes Sweet Blog


Let’s Go Window Shopping…

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Your Lucky Daisy Dress $344.99 {modcloth.com}

Style in Your Sails Dress $99.99 (a tiny bit more affordable, yay!) {modcloth.com}

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Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Mint $174.99 {the color aahhhh!} {modcloth.com}

Parlor Pretty Bag $64.99 {love these colors too!} {modcloth.com}

OH MY CUTE. counting sheep sweater {madewell.com} $89.99 {on sale!!}

Gah! All. Of. These. Now.

Seriously?! I die. Vero Moda Raccoon Intarsia Knit Sweater $38.59 {asos.com} {on sale!}

I really want a polka dot long sleeve, but when I was searching for the perfect one I ran into this one. Yes, please. {forever21.com} Polka Dot Sheer Shirt $19.80

I must leave a note to self:  do not search “polka dot top” on modcloth.com unless you want to torture yourself.

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Okay! Okay!  That is enough!  I could do this all day…