I made this!

YOU GUYS!!!  This is a wonderful update…

A few of my ideas came to life over the weekend!  I did it!

I have only had time to post one item, albeit, with only one photo — not even a good photo,  I POSTED A NEW ITEM!  You guys, this is a big deal for me… I’m a doer!  I’m trying harder than I’ve ever tried before, so I am feeling proud of myself.  Even if my ideas are crap (I don’t think they are… but who am I?)… they are MY ideas and I made them with my bare hands!  That alone, is a big deal.

If you get a chance… occasionally head on over an see my new items:  Surprisingly Upbeat 

Direct link to my newest creation:  Sailboat Brooch, Please.

I made this!  Original idea by Maria Shaw

I made this! Original idea by Maria Shaw

I’ll be back to post more of my items… I think I may try and do a “I made this” series.  So I will be back!



Happy 1/2 Birthday, To Me!

I came across this great article through a blog I love reading (Sometimes Sweet) and it inspired me to make a small list of things to accomplish before I turn… um, well,  my next birthday.  (We don’t need to talk about ages, its just a number after all)  So here it is.  6 things in 6 months… before I turn… ahem, another year older:

1.  Make a 5 year plan and stick to it.  

I’ve never mapped out a plan for my life, ever… and here I am still in nowhere-ville and always just trying to “figure it out” or so I think/say; I have yet to figure anything out.  Some thoughts have been thrown around and we will see where things land in the next month or two.

2.  Start blogging again, regularly.

I look back at my old blogs and get so happy, I used to do stuff!  Whoa!  And maybe I didn’t, but I made a point to always take a photo of something/someone and I love those memories.  I want that back.

3.  Kick negativity in the butt!

I’m naturally have a very negative attitude towards myself.  Other people, I could not be more supportive & positive… but with my own life… so. negative.  I am also so very insecure, always telling myself I’m not good enough (and today is definitely one of those days…).  I for sure need to work on my negativity & be kind to myself.  This obviously will be a work in progress, but I’d love to have made some major changes by October.

4.  Get my weight, shape & health in check.

Another work in progress, but I’d like to see some results.  Get my eating right, regular workouts, most importantly:  see some of my old dresses comfortably fit me!

5.  Become the ‘doer’ I want to be/finish what I have started (be more assertive).

So many projects.  So many.  I have so many things I’ve started and never finished.  Along with a very long list of new projects I want to start… I best get on this one immediately!  Tonight! I will work on my cross stitch month sampler, I have only finished January and I should be half way through April already!

Such a cute project… each month they email you a new months pattern.

6.  Remember the little things.

This might be silly, but I have let these things slip through the cracks and they are important to me.  The little things:  face masks, teeth whitening, painting my nails, window shopping/real shopping, talking on the phone, decorating, baking, etc.  These things that made me smile and I thoroughly enjoy them.  I need more to make me smile.

So that’s my list.  I will come back to this list periodically and update my progress.  Try to keep myself updated.

I feel good about this list, it’s not so over the top that I can’t at least get a good start by October.  This could easily be done, I just have to stay focused and first and foremost I need to work on being assertive, it will certainly help to accomplish this list.  I really need to work on my self-care and this list is just that:  self-care.

I matter most.  I received this email from The Universe today and I really just love what it said:

Act the part, Maria, and circumstances will shift until it’s no longer acting… and there will be ice cream for everyone.

So that’s it… I will start acting the part.

Happy 1/2 birthday to me!!  Yay!