Self intervention.


I have a serious problem. Recently more than ever! I can’t get enough Goldfish crackers! Parmesan flavor, please. Ugh. The quantities I’m eating these days is really out of control. So I’m here to say….

Hi. My name is Maria and I’m an addict.

First step to recovery… Admitting you have a problem. Well… I have a problem. #firstworldproblem

I have to get out of this cycle! I feel like a prisoner! The photo you see here is literally the last bag of this evil snack I will consume. I have no self control! They are like crack!

I thought maybe if I put this out here into the World Wide Web, I have to stick with it. I will be held accountable now.

So here I am, saying good bye my old friend. I’ll miss you. *tear*




I went a week.  Ugh.  I caved and bought a bag yesterday.  It’ll be my last…. hopefully.  I am going to get serious about it March 5th (First day of Lent)!


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