Let’s Go Window Shopping…

Candy Button Beauty Dress $344.99 {modcloth.com}

Your Lucky Daisy Dress $344.99 {modcloth.com}

Style in Your Sails Dress $99.99 (a tiny bit more affordable, yay!) {modcloth.com}

Float Couture Dress $109.99 {I think I want this one the most} {modcloth.com}

Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Mint $174.99 {the color aahhhh!} {modcloth.com}

Parlor Pretty Bag $64.99 {love these colors too!} {modcloth.com}

OH MY CUTE. counting sheep sweater {madewell.com} $89.99 {on sale!!}

Gah! All. Of. These. Now.

Seriously?! I die. Vero Moda Raccoon Intarsia Knit Sweater $38.59 {asos.com} {on sale!}

I really want a polka dot long sleeve, but when I was searching for the perfect one I ran into this one. Yes, please. {forever21.com} Polka Dot Sheer Shirt $19.80

I must leave a note to self:  do not search “polka dot top” on modcloth.com unless you want to torture yourself.

Sage Manager Top $37.99 {modcloth.com}

Career Driven Top $37.99 {so. stinking. cute. and… on sale too!} {modcloth.com}

Frilled to the Trim Top $27.99 {on sale!} {modcloth.com}

The Coral of the Story Top $44.99 {modcloth.com}

Sci Fi Lifestyle Dress $129.99 {modcloth.com}

Party in Port Skirt $74.99 {modcloth.com}

Year Abroad Dress $129.99 {modcloth.com}

Pay Compliments Wallet $37.99 {modcloth.com}

Orla Kiely Trunnel of Love Dress $522.99 {modcloth.com}

I Link It’s Love Necklace $9.99 {modcloth.com}

Thesis the Plan Flat in Black $45.99 {modcloth.com}

Okay! Okay!  That is enough!  I could do this all day…



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