You must do the things you think you can’t do… *

Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home?

So there has been talk about a move.  A big move.  I have had so many mixed feelings in regards to the thought.  First time I heard about it, a couple weeks ago, I was more than excited; it was just the adventure I was looking for.  I even talked R into changing his mind about it!  He was on the fence and I think I talked him over the fence.  As reality set it, R told me it wasn’t the right opportunity, but if something came up we could think about it.  Think about it.  He said.

One week later… *the* opportunity arose.  Whoa.  A lot changed in a week:  I had time to let it go, think about how silly I was being — I’m not ready to move away from my family and friends!  I’m too old to start a new life!  I need to be settled.  here.  I can’t do this, its too crazy.

Well, there was no more time to think.  The possibility is real.  And here we go…

R applied to the position within his company.  He is making plans to get ready for the interview process… this is happening.  Moving isn’t 100% certain, since we don’t know who he is going up against or if he’ll even get the job, but I have to be ready for it… just in case; it is a real possibility.   Especially since, I mean come on… who wouldn’t hire R??  Lets be real, hes ideal. (rhyming now?)

I still have yet to make out my pro/con list, not sure it is really necessary… since its not really up to me if we go.  I suppose its in the universes hands now.  But heck, lists are fun!  I am going to work on this and post it up in a little while.

Sometimes we have to be careful of what we wish for… I asked for adventure.  I asked for a change.  Well, I have only me to thank.

Good luck, break a leg, best wishes, and all that to R.  I wish only for what makes him happy in his career path. ❤


{yes, you}

*quote by Eleanore Roosevelt (she is wonderful, isn’t she?)


2 thoughts on “You must do the things you think you can’t do… *

  1. Did he hear back yet? It sounds like an awesome adventure. As long as your there to support each other through the transition you will be just fine.

    • We won’t hear back for a little while… the process for this position takes a while (its the same position he has now, just in a different region). We probably won’t know when he has an interview (he is guaranteed an interview) for probably a couple weeks. Then the interview will probably be a couple weeks after that. Then more waiting. haha We are going to visit the area Valentines weekend to see if I even like it. haha I’m just afraid of being far from my family. I know I’ve done it before, but it wasn’t easy then either. Just conflicted… there are many many positives and a just a few negatives. I am excited to see where this all takes us… it’ll be an adventure that’s for sure! 🙂

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