“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Yes, it is...

Yes, it is…

So here I am again… making my annual New Year Resolution list!  I do this every year and I just love it.   I always have so many things I want to accomplish in a year and I never get to everything on my list (they are usually VERY long), but that is okay.  I just enjoy giving myself a little direction for the year.  I like making lists and they help me keep track of the things I’d like to do.  And that’s just it… its about what I like to do, not what I MUST do!

13 resolutions/goals for 2013 (in noooo particular order):

  1. Craft more.  Period.  Ultimately, I’d like to finish at least one project a week. (My 52 week project!)
  2. Make time to exercise.  2012 I fell off the wagon with this one!  I am about to sign up at Yoga Works & I plan on getting back to my running routine.  I have set my year goal in RunKeeper and I hope it will keep me honest.
  3. (more like 2a.) Walk/run a mile a day.  That way I will have at least 365 miles done by this time next year.  I would like to see more than 365, but 365 would be more than I did last year!  (My 365 day project!)
  4. Be a doer.  I really need to finish what I start.  Like this list for example!  I started this days ago!  It’s already the 10th of the month, for crying out loud.  (I should probably make this #1; in order to accomplish all 13 of my goals, this does need to be first up!)
  5. Get a journal and write a “to do” list everyday.  I need better structure in my life and lists help me.  I have been list free for most of 2012 and I think it might be a portion of the reason I did n o t h i n g.  Must make more lists!
  6. Blog more.  I have a new blog for my crafting, so I really need to stay on top of this!  I’d like blogging & crafting to become more than just a hobby in 2013.  So I need to create a lot more with my spare time.
  7. NEW JOB, like asap.  I could go on and on about my current job, but I will leave it at this; I need a new job. Immediately.  Either a new job or a new path.  I have a plan, but its a risky one!  A scary one!  But from what I hear/read… those are the best kind of plans?  I would love to see it come to fruition.  There has been talk about it, support even… now I just have to work on backing up the plan and making it work for us.  We’ll see… something will change here one way or another.
  8. Take better care of myself.  I need to take care of my skin, my body, my mind.  With all the changes in the past year, I’ve really let myself go.  I know I’ve already made the resolution to exercise, but I also need to eat right, do face masks, go to the dentist, whiten my teeths,  clean up/keep tidy, being around friends & my parents, keep up with my hobbies, etc.  Anything that helps with my well-being.  Focus more on me.
  9. Revamp my closet.  A lot of my clothes are old.  And I mean o l d.  I think about half my wardrobe was purchased in 2008-2009.  So things are looking a bit ratty.  I need to replace and add pieces badly.  So I need to start spending more wisely; instead of just buying on a whim, without a thought.  I have many pieces I bought just to buy and I don’t wear them.  I’m going to
  10. Manage Money.  I am terrible at managing my money; every year I try to be better at this and I feel I’ve made progress, but this year I’d like to see myself take a big step with the management.  Stop spending freely, really think about my purchases.  Stick to a budget and see where I’m over spending.
  11. Travel, travel, travel!  I know this comes right after “manage money” but whats the point of having money if you can’t enjoy life?  Part of the management of my money would be to save up for awesome road trips, plane trips, train trips, All TRIPS!  There is so much to this part of the world alone I haven’t really experienced, I feel like I’m behind.  I need to catch up and see America… and then venture on to the other countries in our beautiful world.  I really hope that R & I really do a lot more exploring.  We deserve it.
  12. Spend more time with my loved ones/make and keep plans.  I’ve been such a hermit… and I hate leaving the Westside; its become quite an issue.  I’m grumpy and unhappy.  I don’t see people, besides R, all week long!  I need to get out more.  I’m a very social person and I haven’t been social at all.  I’m not social at work, I’m not really social after work, I’m not social on the weekends… I’m just not social anymore!  It’s awful!  This must change.
  13. Be happy.  I know this is pretty general, but its something I need to remember a lot of the time.  I’m not very satisfied with myself right now, but overall I have an incredible life and I have no reason to not be happy.  No, I may not have the best figure or my dream job… but I really do have every reason in the world to be the happiest girl ever.  I sometimes forget that.  I hope I can remember to live each day with happiness in my heart… and not envy, insecurity, frustration, irritation.  Just happiness.

So that’s that.  Again, these are in no particular order and a lot of them will be on going every year, but I’d like to get them all started this year. It is the year of the doer, after-all!  AND it is MY year… 


*Quote by Andy Warhol


2 thoughts on ““They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

  1. For some reason I never make resolutions, but can totally relate to bunch of yours. Go buy an agenda at Staples. Like now. I have used one for years. No more missing appointments. And I write what needs to be done every day. It feels good to cross things off! I even write in simple things like ironing. Ask Jason. He now knows to write things in my agenda. Ok enough on that I sound crazy. Haha.

    I need to get back into shape bad! Its so hard to find time to go to the gym with a kid.I am away from her so much during the day at work another hour away seems unbearable. Plus I am so tired when I get home. Excuses though. I need to figure it out.

    Jason just put together my birthday gift from my family- a Martha Stewart craft cabinet. Woowoo. Which will probably fill up with Mae’s toys.

    What is this career change? It is never too late!

    • Exactly.. it always feels good to check things off a list. I usually write them on small pieces of paper lying around, but I should go and get something more formal. Maybe I’d get more done if it felt more official! haha!

      I haven’t done very well on getting my resolutions started; but slowly. Its been SO cold here (for CA) and we’re not used to it, so it’s hard to get outside and do active things. It’s supposed to warm up on Thursday, so it’ll be a little easier. Hopefully. haha!

      Yes! Happiest Birthday wishes, miss!! That is so cool… organization is key to getting crafts done! How cool is that? You’ll have to post a photo on the blog of your new cabinet!

      I’m not really sure what the change will be. I kind of want to go back to school (accounting degree), but full time (work part time)… but I have to see where the money will come from! Sadly I have too many bills to just quit working and focus on school like I’d like. So we’ll see. You are right… it is never too late. So I’m just going to save for now and see how it all goes. 🙂

      I hope you all are doing well!

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