Happiness is a place between too much and too little


It’s December!  How did that happen?!  Per usual, I’m not prepared.  I haven’t done much X-Mas shopping, I always think “oh I have pllllllenty of time!” and then I blink and its December 23rd.  So this year, instead of milling over stuff (making decisions and I do not get along), today I just went for it!  If the people don’t like it… well, too bad!  Only issue with online shopping is… I get distracted and end up looking at things *I* want… and naturally,  I’ve found about 8,238,937,459 things I need!

So… Seeing that this is the time when we should all be in the giving spirit… I have decided to start making a list in photos of some of the things I’m finding to. die. for.  Mostly to keep me from exploding and spending all my money on myself.  I Today, I will start with sweaters…

jackalope sweater 95

Madewell Jackalope Sweater $95

anthro sweater 98

Anthropologie – Piped Pieter Sweater $98

Dalmatian Salutation Cardigan 6999

Modcloth.com – Dalmatian Salutation Cardigan $69.99


Urban Outffiters – Cooperative Kitsch Pullover Sweater $59


I think these sweaters are right in between too much & too little… oh yes.  So dear Universe… if you are listening… these under the tree would be extra special.  ❤

**“Happiness is a place between too much and too little.”
 -Finnish proverb**

2 thoughts on “Happiness is a place between too much and too little

  1. Love the Anthro sweater. They are all so cute though! Jason took me there to pick out a few things for Christmas. Who knew four tops from the Lounge department could cost so much? I guess I look at price tags a lot different now what little Mae is here. xo

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