a girl only turns 24, 11 times… ONCE!

This is a little late, but better than never ❤

So Sunday, the 14th of October was my 35th or as I prefer,  24th (+11) birthday… I know age is only a number and all, I don’t look it and I certainly do not act my age… but this one was a little hard to handle, to be honest.  Turning 30 was easy!  *shudder* 35… oh boy… what a pill to swallow!

Lucky for me {seriously though… LUCKY me} I have incredible people in my life that have made it a much easier pill to swallow!  My birthday celebration started Friday, 12 October at work.  They gave me a beautiful card, gift {my boss is too generous} snacks & a delicious cake!  It was a great surprise!  I also wore a tiara & boa to celebrate and every time someone would stop by the office and wish me a happy birthday, I would act surprised and asked how they knew!  It was a fun day.


Saturday, 13 October was also a lovely day!  Woke up leisurely.  Packed up a few things and went on a beautiful hike.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  R & I enjoyed every hot sweaty second of it.  It wasn’t super long, about 5 miles, the sun was shining very bright so that was a little rough, but we had a lovely beach breeze and amazing scenery.  It was an incredible morning/afternoon.  After the hike we went to a local cafe and had a yummy lunch and then home to get ready for dinner with my parents.  Dinner was fun, R hadn’t really spent much time around my parents, but he’s a trooper and it was a lot of fun.

I’m pretty excited. It was a beautiful day.

Then the real fun begins…

14th of October.

R had planned a lovely weekend trip to Disneyland for me!  Knowing how much I love Disneyland, it meant so much.  He really is just the greatest.  So we woke up, got ready and headed down to Disneyland.  He got us a sweet room at the D-land Hotel… 11th floor, no big deal. {HUGE DEAL!!  I was freaking out!!} Once we arrived at the park, we met up with a few friends, rode a few rides, it was a sweltering heat kinda day so I was a little slow… sweating my skin off.  haha.  But all in all it was incredible.  R made us reservations at a cute restaurant at California Adventure… some guy tried to cut in front of us {there are even lines for the reservations at restaurants at Disneyland, its true; lines everywhere}; I let him know who’s boss… it was pretty funny.  🙂  After the dinner, which was delicious, we went to see the World of Color show… I’d never seen it, so it was super exciting!  Thennnnnnnnn the best part ever was… we went to walk through the new CarsLand, just to see it at night {it’s so cool lit up at night} and just for kicks we went to see how long the wait was for the new Radiator Springs Racers ride would be, and even at 10:50pm it was 70 minutes!  Can you believe that?!  70 minutes!  That’s wild.  Anyhow, just before we walked away… this lady said “I have two fast passes for the ride, would you two want them?”  UHHH YEAH!!  So 10 minutes later, we on the coolest ride at Disneyland!  So awesome.  It was the best.  It was a great trip to Disneyland and such a wonderful birthday.  I know he won’t read this, but THANK YOU, R… you truly made my 24th (+11) birthday one to remember.  ❤  Here is to an exciting new year… xo


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